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(pronounced: Tan de weh    meaning: Beloved )

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As our canine matriarch, Ffi, expects a level of respect from ‘her’ pack, and from visiting dogs. She doesn’t tolerate bad manners, and will leave the miscreant in no doubt that it wont be tolerated!

If she thinks my other dogs are playing too hard and fast, she will merely walk between them, stand for a few seconds and then walk off….which is usually all it takes to calm things down.

Born 30/08/08  Bred by D Channon

Ffion - Thandiwe Tempus Fugit with Bryncae

Silksheen Schizanthus x Thandiwe Tamesis

Ffi is also a very sweet girl, who adores everyone and other animals (once she has laid the ground rules!), she is fabulous with pups, as she is 'firm but fair’, and has been the most wonderful doting mother to her own, but no one teaches a pup canine ‘manners’, better than Ffi!

Ffi lives with me, but is owned in partnership with Katie Sutton (Bryncae), who handles Ffi in the show ring. Ffi is now enjoying her retirement, and loves nothing better than to sleep, eat, and be the centre of attention!