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(pronounced: Tan de weh    meaning: Beloved )

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Despite being on two RCC’s(from Puppy and Junior), The Hairy Italian decided she hated the show ring, and so I withdrew her from showing. I was advised by well meaning folk, that i should ‘ make her face her fears’, but I do not subscribe to ‘flooding’, and my ego comes before bits of ribbon and card, so I do what i always do - listened to my dog!

The Hairy Italian is a good bitch who loves to work for me, or for my sons, but add other people to the mix and she falls apart. I have taught her coping strategies, such as bumping my hand with her nose, which work well, helping me to help her work at a level she can cope with. We have taught her sequences of behaviours/tricks, to help keep her focus - and she loves these! It also gives her a means of interacting without direct contact - unless she chooses to do so.

Lavezzi (aka The Hairy Italian)

Never before has a dog challenged me in the way this girl has, she has made me question everything I thought I knew about dogs, and had learned over my years of rehabilitating rescue dogs.

I have reared and socialised many dogs of my own, all having had the same opportunities - The Hairy Italian is, quite simply, an enigma.

Tellington Touch has also been invaluable in helping me with her confidence, as has Pet Remedy (see links page)

There is no rhyme or reason for her behaviour - she is as she is, and we love her warts and all, and wouldn’t be without her!