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(pronounced: Tan de weh    meaning: Beloved )

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My ‘angel with a dirty face’, so deliciously naughty, but a delight to live with and train.

She is a quick learner, who thrives on training - especially HPR work, where she is demonstrating a natural aptitude to ‘Hunt, Point and Retrieve’ - especially the retrieving, which she would happily do all day. Rosie has even been know the retrieve ‘her’ kitten, much to his disgust!

Despite being my ‘wild child', she pulls out all the stops when she needs to, and takes everything in her stride, and behaves impeccably!

Darrowdale Rambling Rose for Thandiwe


Buch Del Montecani (IMP ITA)  x  Darrowdale Fieldfare


         born 30/4/15

 co-owned with Tracy Davies             (Montecani)

Rosie is a slow maturing bitch, and isn’t yet ready to be entered into the show ring, but when she does, I just know she will give it her all!