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(pronounced: Tan de weh    meaning: Beloved )

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Vinnie - Thandiwe Celtic Coalition       With Bryncae
Kingsmist Celtic Knight of Bryncae x Dubldee Guaira At Thandiwe
           Born 1/4/07  Bred by D Channon and co-owned with Katie Sutton - Bryncae
Vinnie (11 years young) returned home last year, following a relationship breakdown. Unfortunately he was vastly overweight, and his teeth were consumed by thick green plaque. His prostate was enlarged, causing him associated medical issues. My vet estimated he would need 6-8 teeth removing, but couldn’t say for certain until they had chipped away the green stuff encasing his teeth. I wasn’t happy for him to have a general anaesthetic, as I didn’t think, in his current state, his heart would cope. The vet was in complete agreement, and welcomed my suggestion of returning once I had sorted out his weight issues. On returning to the vets (4.5 kilos lighter), it was declared he no longer needed dental work, and that his prostate was now under control.
Good diet, exercise and a herbal dental spray, was all it took!
He is now as “fit as a butcher’s dog”, and has no problem keeping up with my youngsters.
Vinnie was used on the beating line when younger, and was a regular representing the breed at sporting events. He is back to the meeting, greeting and educating the public about the Breed with me, which gives his eyes a real sparkle!
Meeting Sybil for the first time