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(pronounced: Tan de weh    meaning: Beloved )

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Seren - Thandiwe Serendipity
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Born 7/9/18  Bred by D Channon
Seren was a ‘happy accident’, but a very welcome one nonetheless.

She was hand reared/bottle fed, as ‘mum’ Talullah was quite poorly and this had affected her milk supply. ‘Lullahs  best bud ‘Maud’ stepped in as a surrogate, providing puppy cuddles, while ‘Lullah got her strength back - a real testament to the temperaments of both bitches. They happily continued to share care, until Seren was weaned. They say it takes a village….

Singleton puppies, often have issues, because they won’t have had vital early socialisation experiences that come from having litter mates. In order to ensure that Seren didn't grow into a ‘brat’, we worked hard to replicate some of those experiences, as well as our usual, ongoing socialisation programme.

As soon as she was old enough, I enrolled Seren onto The Kennel Club’s Puppy Foundation course,  - for socialisation, as much as anything. I knew she fitted well into my own pack, and had already visited a couple of dog shows with me, where she had been happy and relaxed and ‘polite’ to other dogs, - however,  she also needed to learn to be around dogs in different environments, and doing different things.

Like her owner, Seren is easily distracted (oooh look, something shiny!), so it was a learning curve for us both, but she passed the assessment, and we will now work towards her KC Good Citizens Bronze award.

Seren is a bit of a natural in the show ring (like her Mum!), and soaks up training like a sponge, her tail never stops wagging.

Seren will be shown by Abi Stone and Jess Horler.
Hampshire Gundog
2nd Puppy
1st Puppy BPB
The National
1st Minor Puppy Bitch BPB
South of England Gundog
1st Junior Best Puppy
Southern Counties
1st Puppy Bitch BPB