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(pronounced: Tan de weh    meaning: Beloved )

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Tallulah - Sonnetend Kiss Chase with Thandiwe

Sh Ch Elgert D’zzee Rascal with Sonnetend JW x Sonnetend Double Duchess

Born 15/01/2013  Bred by D, M, and A Stone

Tallulah has an unflappable calmness and kindness about her, which makes her an excellent stooge dog - nervous dogs relax in her company, and reactive dogs quickly accept her as no threat.

She is a an excellent ambassador for the Breed, and often represents the Breed at Gamefairs, Discover Dogs etc, where everyone who comes in contact with her, falls under her spell and leaves feeling they had her undivided attention.

Tallulah, a sound and reliable working bitch, also appears in the show ring as and when work allows, beautifully handled by Jessica Horler.

Tallulah’ was bred by good friend Deb Stone, with husband Martin and daughter Abi.

I fell in love with ‘Lullah the moment I saw her, and as I observed her attitude in the puppy pen, I knew she was the one for me.

As the other pups did a wall of death around the pen, the pup that was to become ‘Lullah, sat quietly at the perimeter, watching as bacon rolls were being prepared in the kitchen.

Occasionally pups would bowl into her, ‘Lullah’s response was to merely adjust her position so she could keep an eye on what the humans were doing….no fuss, no tantrums.

Eyes Clear June 2016

Heart Clear June 2016

Hips 3:4